Want to know how to optimize your model and improve efficiency, productivity, and collaboration?

At weBIM, our mission is to help companies to move away from Revit model performance problems. That’s why we’re offering free model assessments. We want to show how you can optimize your models and stay productive and profitable.

As part of your assessment we will evaluate your model and show you can improve speed and avoid excessive wait time while opening, working and synchronizing. We will review following areas:

  • Phasing & Workset strategy

  • Modeling and Families modelling erros

  • External data links overloading

  • LOD Matrix strategy

  • Revit Details methodology

If you’d like to take this free assessment, please fill out the form so that your specialist has your information to schedule workshop session with you.

There’s no risk and no obligation as this is a completely free service at this point of time.

(This offer is for limited time and can be withdrawn without further notification)