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Maintain Revit Standards 

You need CAD Standards for drawing consistency; similarly you also require this for Revit. It’s important to know what should be included and why. Our experts will foresee your requirements and advise which will be best for you. Revit standard documents will ensure your entire team speaks the same language including new team members. You can also share this with your. It helps to ensure that you are coordinated and well documented to tackle any problems and work faster.

Create BIM Execution Plan

BIM Execution Plan highlights how to handle, store and share all BIM models.  It defines naming procedures, transferring, modeling scope & responsibility, LOD and model positioning protocols. It establishes a guideline to link multiple models, issue communication and coordination with internal or external teams. It would act as a protocol that will keep your project data reliable and safe. So, if you are in need of expert advice from BIM consultants on whom you can rely on to create proficient BIM execution plans for your project, then surely contact us. We’re ready with in depth BIM consulting and BIM services.

Revit Model Setup

For large and complex projects, it’s important to setup project models. This process includes implementing all project information described in the BIM Execution plan. Creating work sets, naming, project parameters, creating materials and other required families. Implementing the correct setup for a project base point and survey point is crucial if there are multiple models, IFC, Point-cloud or if CAD data linking is required. Let us do the Revit model setup allowing you to concentrate on other important things from your project

Revit Model Health-check 

Our Model Health Check pinpoints the cause and provides possible solutions for slow and non-performing models. It creates an opportunity to learn best practices and develop future modeling practices. Design teams and contractors moving toward the critical project phase while struggling with model performance almost inevitably leads to delays. To counter such problems, use our Revit Model Health Check service. Contact us

Revit Model Cleanup

The Revit database is shared across internal & external teams. These models eventually get slow over time as more and more information is recorded. Revit also generates and records relational information. As projects grow, model size also grows and it takes longer periods of time to process user commands. We clean models to keep their size low and to keep response time up. To clean your Revit model just let us know and we will take care of the rest.

Linked Data Management

Models need to be managed correctly to create fluidity relating to linked information from other consultants who might be working on different platforms (i.e ACAD, Point Cloud and Archicad). We help you to clean, link and manage the important information and make sure your entire team is accessing competent information on time. It is very important to link all the crucial pieces to make important decisions. Our team is experienced and will closely analyze your model, link all your needed info in such a way that it will not get overloaded and respond promptly. To manage your information in the model tell us about your requirements today.

Focus to develop your skills 

  • Support team for best practices and develop in-house skills.
  • Model health check and process for superior performance.
  • BIM adoption support for your team
  • BIM management skill for key team members
  • Best practices for BIM migration and practice

Talk to an expert to learn how we can help you to achieve BIM goals and complete BIM Project without wasting time and money.

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Since, upgrading version is an irreversible task and require some testing. You need to upgrade all project model in progress. This process is generally documented in BIM Execution plan.
We offer remote and in person support for BIM Management services. We are always a phone call or e-mail away. We can resolve your question remotely or can visit you back if required.
Yes, It’s part of our process. We try to educate and train your team to take responsibility as BIM Manager and some of the members with keen interest in this technology will be abel to take you further.
Yes, Revit and Navisworks can be used in combination with ACAD and other programs. An execution plan is required to define scope and LODs.
A BIM Execution Plan (BXP) is all part non-technical and part technical document. It’s designed to accommodate your BIM standards and project requirements. The most important ingredient of this document is your Team skill set. An initial version of this document will iterate with your team skills as lot of basic information and practices will be part of your data to day operations.
No Problem, we offer you to stay engaged with us and can offer low cost per request resolution over the phone or mail.
During implementation process we will be on your location on regular basis. We will extend our support during your project to provide BIM Management service and train some of your staff to take that role.
We’re sure we can help you. If your situation is unique and we hav’t addressed it on our website. Don’t hesitate to contact us. Alternatively you can mail us at sbansal@webimglobal.com