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Revit Modeling Services:

Modeling is the core strength of weBIM. We are very highly efficient in developing model buildings for all possible usages. Our team consists of experienced experts architects, engineers and other building science professionals who can build precise 3D models from scratch for any project. We make sure best practices are used to assemble buildings virtually so our client can save time and money before and during construction. If you want to outsource Revit services or looking for any kind of Architectural Revit service or 3D Building Information Modeling services then do let us know. Outsource your BIM modeling and drafting with our BIM modeling services and BIM drafting services. We also offer Architectural BIM service, BIM consulting service, BIM coordination services, 4D scheduling of BIM and other BIM services.

construction documentation modelling

Construction Documentation Services:

Our construction documentation services are designed to help architects, engineers, and contractors to develop quality throughout the construction process. Building documentation services also includes Shop/Fabrication Drawings, MEP Documentation, Structural Modeling, and Record (As-Built) Documentation. If you are looking for help in any type of construction documentation then just let us know and we will handle the rest for you.

Clash Detection and Coordination Services:

Our team of experts can help you in the clash detection & coordination, we will produce federated Navisworks model for virtual coordination. Our Coordination process includes creation of views to identify potential conflict. We will deliver visual report for coordination which can be used to identify and collaborate with other disciplines. If you are searching for clash detection & coordination services then outsource to us and give us a chance and see how your project gets completed without any sort of error by our virtual design and Construction Company.

modelling for coordination and clash detection

Our Service will always include

  • Focused to produce watertight Construction Documents
  • Clean and well managed Model
  • Dedicated coordinator for coordination
  • Model export to a format you need
  • Use of CAD, IFC and Point Cloud for Production
BIM strategy and management

Talk to an expert to learn how we can help you to develop BIM strategy and complete BIM Project modelling without wasting time and money.

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We will use the same version as your to stay compatible, unless you request an upgrade.
We will be posting models on weekly basis or as requested. We can schedule an automated process to post models.
In case multiple teams are working from different location, Revit Server can be deployed to synchronize real time. We can also develop methodology to split models and own them for a specific period and exchange as agreed.
We offer per hour rate for modelling and documentation, also we can offer fixed price service depending on the stage of your project.
Yes, we will be developing all complex content for your RProject. We will also help you to create families for day to day use.
Yes, In fact Revit can produce better quality of prints as you have better control on object styles.
We can visit your office for coordination as required.
Yes, we can use Navisworks for coordination process and can prepare Navisworks clash report for you, depending on the scope.

BIM Models : Only Way to Enable Buildings to Communicate

BIM model will serve as Building Management tool and help building operation to stay cost and time efficient.