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What’s in Revit Standards 

You had CAD Standards for drawing consistency; similarly you also need one for Revit. What should be included and why, our expert will foresee your requirement and advise which will be best for you. A Revit standards document will ensure your entire team speaks same language including new team member. When there is sync within your team then your project is executed very smoothly and efficiently. You also share this to your consultants as you share model with them. It’s just to ensure you are coordinated and well documented. We will advise and prepare and work accordingly of your Revit standards which will deliver the best for your project.

Create Template for You

Just any template cannot fulfill and maintain your firm’s standards and graphic quality you have been practicing for years. Standard template may not have required component you need and an important decision for you to make what to include. Unwanted families and elements can slow down your model, impacting team productivity. We can create a perfect template for you after thorough understanding of your core requirements and then we shall begin process of creating the template.

Your Revit Family Library

Revit families are all about reusability and consistency. Your project requires custom families based on project type you are working on. We will develop an organized and centralized library to maximize team efficiency and help you to build the content needed. A well-organized family library is a good investment for your model efficiency and team productivity. If you are in need of creating a centralized Revit family library then let us know, we are one of the leading VDC Company for all your design and modeling needs in the architectural world.

To implement your Revit standards, design your custom template and to develop your custom Revit family library contact us.

Focus to develop your skills 

  • Develop and maintain your drawing Standards
  • BIM Strategy suitable for your projects
  • BIM adoption support for your team
  • BIM management skill for key team members
  • Best practices for BIM migration and practice
  • Error free process for CAD linking and cleaning
  • Strategy to sub-divide model into a manageable size
  • Develop team communication and BIM responsibility.
  • Nurture best practices for successful projects
  • Tips and tricks to manage external data
BIM strategist

Talk to an expert to learn how we can help you to achieve BIM goals and complete BIM Project without wasting time and money.

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Do you have question / We have the answer.

Well, upgrading version is a routine task and require some changes in Templates and ongoing project models. We include this task as part of our implementation strategy and provide gidelines.
We are a phone call or e-mail away. We can resolve your question remotely or can visit you back if required.
No, unfortunately we do not provide basic Revit training, but we do have offer for advanced users and BIM Managers. Now a days basic truing can be done through online coerces and we can list some for you.
Yes, Revit and Navisworks can be used in combination with ACAD and other programs. An execution plan is required to define scope and LODs.
Yes, we will be developing all complex content for your Revit Template. We will also help you to create families for day to day use.
Yes, In fact Revit can produce better quality of prints as you have better control on object styles.
During implementation process we will be on your location on regular basis. We will extend our support during your project to provide BIM Management service and train some of your staff to take that role.
Yes, we can conduct advanced truing for Revit, Navisworks and other relevant tools. We can also help you with Project coordination process using DWF and Blue-Beam Studio.

Implementation : It’s all about bringing consistent efficiency

A process to develop in-house methodology suitable for your business and explore existing strengths.